At fast companies, people learn from one another.

Unlock your institutional knowledge. Scale up its sharing. Make it easy for your people to learn from one another.

Introducing Learn++

Learn++ is your know-how at scale. It's a web app for scheduling, promoting and tracking internal classes.

It bottles up many of the best practices that we’ve learned over a decade of running training at some of the largest high-tech organizations in the world. Learn++ is brought to you by the creators of Marakana and Twitter University.

Learn++ is built with the enterprise in mind. It plays well with your other systems.


Easy Scheduling & Registrations

All classes synced with your Google calendar. Easy to sign up or drop a class from any device.

Smart Notifications

Automatic email reminders for upcoming classes. Automated surveys.

Right Analytics

Easy-to-read reports with key metrics. Insights so you can focus on optimizing the for impact and user experience.

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