PlusPlus enables your people to learn from one another.

It’s an enterprise app plus a framework to enable Peer Learning in your organization.

Peer Learning

Informal learning already happens all the time. Your experts need a way to transfer knowledge of how internal things work. They ad-hoc approach is inefficient and unaccounted for.

Formalize it. Make it easier for experts to share their knowledge.

Unblock those lacking skills to do their job. Create a culture where your people learn from one another. The moral will go up. You’ll have a nimble team adaptable to whatever comes up next.

We call this Peer Learning.

Better You + Better Me = Better Us

Better You

As an expert, sharing my skills is easy. The system helps me promote my classes. It also manages logistics and registrations. All I have to do is show up & teach. Empowering others feels great.

+ Better Me

As an employee, I need to figure out internal tools and processes. Now I have a way to discover relevant learning opportunities. This helps me up-level my skills so I can do the best work of my life.

= Better Us

As a learning professional, I get to create a culture where we celebrate learning. Our people feel empowered. We have a nimble and adaptable team.

PlusPlus: Framework + App

Peer Learning

We’ve created best practices for enabling your people to learn from one another. These are the lessons we learned from creating Twitter University. We bottled them up in a framework we call Peer Learning. It’s free.

1. Uncover Pains
2. Create Heros
3. Show & Tell
4. Promote!
5. Measure
6. Rinse/Repeat

To help you roll out Peer Learning at your organization, we’ve created app. It modernizes learning at your organization.

++ All events under one umbrella
++ Lovely social experience
++ Celebrate experts who teach
++ Easy yet meaningful metrics
++ Enterprise vetted and approved
++ Mobile-friendly SaaS app

Demo first!

Kick the tires with the demo. Then roll out your own PlusPlus.

From the creators of Twitter University

In 2013, Twitter acquired Marakana, a software training company. Twitter University was born. It quickly became apparent that what engineers were struggling with was knowledge of how internal processes work.

Surprisingly, engineers were more than open to sharing their knowledge. Soon, hundreds of internal experts taught thousands of engineers on how Twitter works and how we work at Twitter. Sales and design teams followed engineers footsteps. People loved it! Twitter University became one of the highest rated perks at Twitter.

PlusPlus is on the mission to create the magic of peer learning for other organizations.