(why we exist)

We exist to make work better. Most of the people's waking hours are at work. Often, work is not as satisfying as it could be. Best practices do exist but these practices are not evenly distributed. We build software tools to encode and promote best practices. We believe this leads to more satisfying work experience.

Our initial focus is on knowledge sharing. Work can be frustrating when the lack of know-how blocks us from being successful. Sharing knowledge within an organization fosters learning. In turn, this constant improvement is rewarding and inspiring.

An easy way to share knowledge is for individuals to present their insights to their teams. These informal learning events are the quickest to get going for most organizations. This is our starting point.

PlusPlus is an app to help employees discover all the company learning events in one place.

Core Values

(how we operate)

Focus on impact: The difference that we make for our customers is what matters. As a practice, focus on doing the most important thing first. Your gauge should be how much an activity is adding value to the customer.
Delight: Raise the bar for the user experience.
Experiment: Fail fast, fail forward. Learn from those experiences. Celebrate failures as necessary steps forward.
Generate more value than you capture: Think open source software or the freemium model.